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Do you have concerns about becoming addicted to your sleep medication?

In a patient survey, two-thirds (66%) of respondents said "risk of dependence or addiction" was their greatest concern about taking a sleep medication.1 The survey also showed that 40% of patients who were taking sleep medication had changed or stopped taking their medication within the year.1

Medications that have a risk of abuse are known as controlled substances and are regulated by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). In many states, healthcare providers and pharmacists are charged with taking special care in prescribing and handling these products. Silenor is not classified as a controlled substance. In clinical trials, Silenor was not associated with physical dependence, and there were no withdrawal symptoms or rebound insomnia seen in patients.

If you are not sleeping properly and feel the consequences the next day, ask your healthcare provider if Silenor is appropriate for you. Silenor is the first prescription medication to treat sleep maintenance insomnia that is not associated with a risk of abuse or physical dependence.

Silenor is indicated to treat patients diagnosed with sleep maintenance insomnia. Silenor is not approved to treat any other condition.

Ask for Silenor by name. There is no generic Silenor.


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